16 Good Reasons Why You Should Use It

1. Enhances the corporate image 9. Needs no power
2. It's maintenance free 10. Enhances working environment and corporate culture
3. Protects carpets and floors 11. Low consumable cost
4. Reduces risk of accidents caused by slippery 12. Fits all conventional umbrellas
5. Suitable for any vanue 13. Safe and easy to use
6. Eliminates puddles 14. All year round versatility
7. Replaces unsightly umbrella Racks 15. Promotes tidiness and loyalty
8. Eliminates umbrella theft 16. Wrappers can carry advertising

Avert wet umbrella problems simply and economically with this unique new device, that will not only protect your building but also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The simple design ensures ease of use and popularity with both customers and staff members. Each wet umbrella is efficiently bagged to protect your environment, keeping the areas tidy and puddle free.

The rain stays in untill the owner leaves the building.