A product of MITSUBISHI-Kagaku foods Corporation, Japan.

Ryoto Ester SP is the ideal emusifier compund for angel cake and other low calorie sponge cake.

It contains sugar esters that provide excellent egg-protein whippability and highly aerated cake batter. These sugar esters work by keeping the monoglyceride crytalline phase active. RYOYO Ester SP shortens the whipping time of the cake batter, increase cake volume and gives superd uniformity to the cake.

1. Very easy preparation - 1 step cake making. Lengthy Preparation :
Few Steps - Waste of time.
2. Good batter stability as long as 2 to 3 hrs. Low batter stability - 30 mins.
3. Increased cake volume by 10-20%. No increase in volume.
4. Longer Shelf-life: Anti-staling action keeps cake crumbs soft and tasty. Shorter shelf-life.
5. Use less eggs: 5% - 10% of eggs reduced and replace by water. Saved cost. Using more eggs to get the stability.
6. Taste better, finer crumbs and soft uniform texture. 40% of the taste will be lost when baking. Rough Texture.
7. Consistent foaming of the batter and stability. Inconsistent foaming of the batter and instability.
8. Better air circulation when baking. Cake will come out in nice shape. Inconsistent Air circulation. Cake came out in inconsistent shapes.
9. Good back-up by Mitsubishi technical personnel. Well known around the world. Unknown
10. Dosage is about 2% of the total weight of flour, eggs and sugar in the cake. Dosage is about 4%-6% of the weight of flour, eggs and sugar in the cake.

Ingredients of RYOTO Ester SP :
Sucrose fatty acid ester, Glycerin fatty acid ester, Sorbitan fatty acid ester, Sorbitol, Prophylene glycol. (Some types also contain Propylene glycol fatty acid ester.)